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Re: Monitoring a network interface

From: Vlada Macek
Subject: Re: Monitoring a network interface
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 13:38:00 +0200
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> Now this just restarts the interfaces as soon as a problem is
> detected, which works but is a bit clunky, as you might imagine.  Is
> there any way to make, for example, something like the following (that
> monit doesn't like)?
> check host debian with address
>        group connectivity
>        start program = "/sbin/ifup eth1"
>        stop  program = "/sbin/ifdown eth1"
>        if failed icmp type echo with timeout 15 seconds then alert
>        if failed port 80 proto http then alert
>        if 3 alerts within 3 cycles then restart
>        if 3 restarts within 20 cycles then exec "/sbin/reboot"


I would welcome similar feature too. Sometimes one ping just vanish, but
second one and more will come their way correctly. I don't wish to be
alarmed down on the beach for just one lost packet and I imagine
something like this:

    if failed icmp type echo with timeout 15 for 3 cycles then alert

This is probably syntactically not clean to the current config scheme,
but it states the idea, I hope. In case this can be accomplished by some
other trick in monit configuration, it's great, but I don't know it. :-)


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