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Re: Apache, rotatelogs & chroot environment

From: David Fletcher
Subject: Re: Apache, rotatelogs & chroot environment
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 01:28:29 +0000


Thanks for the comments on the last Apache mod_status monitor patch - they have 
useful in improving it, although it has taken quite a bit of work!!

The revised patch is now done, but it is getting rather large to paste
into an email. Is there another way to send it, or is straight in the email ok?

In response to the points raised:

> 1) You should probably call the protocol apache-status as suggested by
> Marco since this is for mod_status only. I haven't tried mod_status
> myself, but if it has other useful and interesting information you
> should try to make the code a little more generic. For instance, so you
> could say something like this in the future. Or maybe now, if you can
> find at least one other useful thing, in addition to log, to add to the

I have changed to a structure for holding the limit levels on different 
parameters. I have
implemented 10 different quantities that can be monitored. These are Apache 
processes which are:

closing connections
performing DNS lookups
in keepalive with a client
replying to a client
receiving a request
waiting for incoming connections
gracefully closing down
performing cleanup procedures.

Some are most useful as "alerts" rather than server restart conditions. For 
example if DNS
lookups are taking too much time you want to be alerted, but restarting the 
Apache server
will not help. "and" conditions can be used to look at several conditions at 
once, each
with different limits.

> 2) Don't edit the monit.html file, it's autogenerated. Edit monit.pod
> instead.

Done! I have a patch against monit.pod

> 3) I see that the get_host_header() is reused from http.c, If you don't
> mind, add this to util.c instead with the following signature: (where


> Ps. I'm curios, how was it to implement this patch? Was it hard to
> understand the monit code and what you needed to do? Did you get any
> help from the NOTES doc? 

The NOTES files was helpful with getting started, and would be everything 
needed for a
simple protocol, or one that just needs "request". The APACHE-STATUS protocol 
has got a
lot more complicated, since there are lots of different limits that can be set 
in the
monitrc file, and I had to find out how these would be read in. Doing some of 
this was
quite difficult, and has taken a lot of time! Reading the code was fine, there 
are enough
comments, but I had to learn new things about Bison and reading the input file.

Let me know where / how it is best to send the patch - about 23kB of text.



Email: address@hidden

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