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Re: AssertException in process_common.c [resurrecting old thread]

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: AssertException in process_common.c [resurrecting old thread]
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 20:37:38 +0100
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This probably explains the problem :) These extensions such as VServer or LIDS, etc. are able to hide processes.

Monit builds the process tree for analysis starting from its root, which is process 1 (init). Because this process is on your system almost certainly hidden (but based on PPID value of 'orphaned' processes it exists), monit will fail to build the tree.

I think that it will be better to unhide init process in all contexts then do some workaround in monit. The reason is, that init process (PID = 1) is well-known and even as you can see, you can't hide it completely (see the orphans PPID value). The 'unkillable' protection is probably more adequate.


Allen Shaw wrote:
[replying to list....]

Hi Christian,

Yeah, you're right, there's no init process in that list, is there. Ha. Okay, maybe it's relevant that this is a "virtual dedicated server" environment. Gee, I should have said that before! Just didn't think of it at all. That would explain the other "lot of missing processes" wouldn't it.

Um, so does this make problems for monit, and is there a way to work around those?

As for the kernel, I don't know exactly what's in there, because that level of administration is done by the VDS provider, not me. And if UML is User Mode Linux, then I'm pretty sure the anser is "no."


Christian Hopp wrote:

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005, Allen Shaw wrote:

Hi Allen!

Mhhh... are you using any special security patches in your kernel or are you running in UML? Because monit is right. There is no process with pid=1 which is in 99.9999% of all cases the init process.
I am missing a lot of other processes in your "ps -ef".  Strange!


I'm including here the process list to match with monit debug output
from the command `monit -v -I` with monit version 4.5-cvs20050106
(posted to the list, and copied here for reference).

Hope this is helpful.


process list:


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