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Re: AssertException in process_common.c [resurrecting old thread]

From: Allen Shaw
Subject: Re: AssertException in process_common.c [resurrecting old thread]
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 14:55:04 -0500
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Yes, I suppose you're right, but I think that level of configuration is beyond me and lies with the VDS provider, right? I don't expect I could easily persuade them to change their setup. In this case, although monit's debug output does reveal the errors, it doesn't seem to adversely affect monit's performance. Do I have anything to worry about here, and then, would you guess there's something I can do *without* having the hosting service modify their VDS setup?

- Allen

Martin Pala wrote:

This probably explains the problem :) These extensions such as VServer or LIDS, etc. are able to hide processes.

Monit builds the process tree for analysis starting from its root, which is process 1 (init). Because this process is on your system almost certainly hidden (but based on PPID value of 'orphaned' processes it exists), monit will fail to build the tree.

I think that it will be better to unhide init process in all contexts then do some workaround in monit. The reason is, that init process (PID = 1) is well-known and even as you can see, you can't hide it completely (see the orphans PPID value). The 'unkillable' protection is probably more adequate.


Allen Shaw wrote:

[replying to list....]

Hi Christian,

Yeah, you're right, there's no init process in that list, is there. Ha. Okay, maybe it's relevant that this is a "virtual dedicated server" environment. Gee, I should have said that before! Just didn't think of it at all. That would explain the other "lot of missing processes" wouldn't it.

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