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remote monit (or http and multiple expect and http-notify)

From: Leen Besselink
Subject: remote monit (or http and multiple expect and http-notify)
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 10:16:25 +0100 (CET)
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You guys are right, monit is easy to setup and use, I really like monit.

I've been looking at some of the added features (send/expect and xml-output).

And also at some of the discussion (browsing the e-mail-archive) about a 
central management
or configuration application, maybe add some kind of other notification, maybe 
even plugins.

So I have 2 maybe even 3 suggestions, which, to me, seem natural extensions to 
the existing
abilities and do not require plugins.

One is to add the ability to expect a certain HTTP-body-string. Maybe even 

At this point send/expect only works as a general check, adding that to the 
http-check would
make sure it's http your checking on.

The nice side-effect of this would add the ability to look if a certain service 
is running on
an other machine, by asking the monit running on that machine. This would 
require only one
HTTP-request and you'd know about multiple services at ones.

Two would be adding the ability to send a http-request as notification.

You wouldn't need no plugins, http would be enough. For example to implement
sms-notification, you'd just send a http-request to Kannel.

The third, which maybe taking things to far would be to add the ability for 
monit to receive
http-notification, so it could act on that.

Better would probably be if that would only initiate a poll-cycle on receiving 
a request,
probably adding the ability the specify a maximum number of polls per minute as 

Monit should probably not do anything else based on such a request, so it 
couldn't easily be
abused and would always stay within a limit defined by a person.

These are my suggestions, I hope they can be of use (to you and me).

New things are always on the horizon.

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