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Re: remote monit (or http and multiple expect and http-notify)

From: Leen Besselink
Subject: Re: remote monit (or http and multiple expect and http-notify)
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 21:17:16 +0100 (CET)
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Martin Pala zei:
> Hi,
> thanks for suggestions :)
> Coments bellow ...
> Leen Besselink wrote:


>> The nice side-effect of this would add the ability to look if a certain 
>> service is running
>> on
>> an other machine, by asking the monit running on that machine. This would 
>> require only one
>> HTTP-request and you'd know about multiple services at ones.
> This is already implemented and will be part of upcoming monit-4.5. The
> syntax is (example):

I did see something in CVS, after I send the e-mail and wasn't sure if it would 
do what I was
thinking about.

> --8<--
>      check host FOO with address
>        if failed url https://user:address@hidden:8080/?query
>           and content == 'action="j_security_check"'
>        then ...
> --8<--
> It has been also used (by Bernhard Nowak) to check monit services via
> monit's http interface:

> # use monit http content feature to check for "not monitored":
>    check host ccc_monit with address
>    if failed url
>       and content != "not monitored" with timeout 60 seconds
>       then exec "/etc/init.d/heartbeat stop"
>    check host ddd_monit with address
>    if failed url
>       and content != "not monitored" with timeout 60 seconds
>       then exec "/etc/init.d/heartbeat stop"
> --8<--
>> Two would be adding the ability to send a http-request as notification.
>> You wouldn't need no plugins, http would be enough. For example to implement
>> sms-notification, you'd just send a http-request to Kannel.
> You can use monit's 'exec' action to call such url - for example snmptrap:
>   if failed <test> then exec '/bin/bash -c "/bin/snmptrap ..."'
> Native upstream event notification is work in progress which will be
> added in some future monit version - it will allow to send event
> notifications and status to the central monitoring system (such as
> m/monit for example).

I did see some messages in the mailinglist archive and on the website mention 
m/monit, I was
wondering is there a place where I can see what it'll do and how it'll do that.

Central management, configuration and graphing is mentioned.

I keep wondering about details, like is it going to use RRD as database for 

I understand the intention is to make it GPL, but it's not in the public CVS or 
on the website.


I'm just interrested. :-)

>> The third, which maybe taking things to far would be to add the ability for 
>> monit to
>> receive
>> http-notification, so it could act on that.
>> Better would probably be if that would only initiate a poll-cycle on 
>> receiving a request,
>> probably adding the ability the specify a maximum number of polls per minute 
>> as well.
> There are actions supported via monit's http interface which allows to
> maintain particular services (start/stop/monitor/unmonitor/restart), and
> general 'status' and 'viewlog' actions.

Yes, that can easily be done with a get, I've noticed.

> There is currently no alternative of CLI commands such as 'reload' or
> 'validate'. The 'reload' command may make sense in touch with remote
> configuration support, the validation trigger may be good candidate to
> add  ...
> Thanks,
> Martin

Thank you for the explanations and the patch-submission (in the other e-mail).

New things are always on the horizon.

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