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Re: remote monit (or http and multiple expect and http-notify)

From: Leen Besselink
Subject: Re: remote monit (or http and multiple expect and http-notify)
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 23:57:32 +0100 (CET)
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Jan-Henrik Haukeland zei:


> We are in the process of developing a new version that match the
> current monit release. There is a previous version floating around but
> it will not work with the latest monit release. If you are very, very
> interested we could always send you this one of list. I have now also
> uploaded some screen shoots from the previous version which you can
> check out here

thank you.

> Martin is currently working on the History/Analyze function which
> should be very interesting, I believe he has already has posted some
> screen shoot from this function on this list earlier.

Wasn't able to find them, but I guess snapshots will be put up eventually.

>> I understand the intention is to make it GPL, but it's not in the
>> public CVS or on the website.
> The intention was initially to make it GPL, but after all the work we
> have put into it we will probably try to release it under a "free for
> non-commercial use" type of license in the hope that we will get back a
> little of what we have invested in it :-) Nothing is written in stone
> however and this may change once we do the release sometimes in the
> first half of 2005.

If it would've been released to the public earlier, others would have been able 
to help. ;-)

I would pay it out of my own pocket if it did what I want (even if my employer 
wouldn't) and
I wasn't able to reproduce enough of it myself.

Depending on price ofcourse. :-)

After all I also personally buy Debian- and OpenBSD-CD's and T-shirts (mostly 
to support Open
Source/Free Software).

New things are always on the horizon.

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