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Monit Can't Stop Apache

From: Chris Lopeman
Subject: Monit Can't Stop Apache
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 18:34:31 -0600
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Hi All,

I am still trying to get my Monit setup just right.  In doing so I have been testing it quite a bit.  Every once in a while I need to tell Monit to quit.  This is because it wont restart and connect to a service.  I tried starts and restarts and monitor and unmonitor, all through Monit and nothing fixes the issue.  I have experienced this with a few different services but have never really been able to reproduce it consistently.  However, I think I have recently reproduced this with apache and was wondering if anybody knew what was happening or how it can be fix.  Basically all I seem to need to do is kill -9 the parent httpd.  At that point monit seems unable to stop the service.  I looked at the httpd script.  It does a killproc and I can't see why that would not work.  If I run /etc/init.d/httpd stop, it does work.  But not monit stop apache. 

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the following is happening.  Monit does not see the process corresponding to the pid in the run file.  So it does not call httpd stop.  Therefore when httpd restart is called it fails.  Assuming what I have said is correct, then I pose the question.  Are there other circumstances this symptom can occur.  I believe so because I know I have seen the same affect without doing a kill -9.  I wonder if there are other time the stop will  not be called.  Maybe if the pid in the file gets out of sync with the running process.  Or if there is no PID file at all.  As far as apache goes, I am considering changing my monit start call to "httpd restart".

Thanks ahead of time,


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