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Re: monit summary forgotten?

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: monit summary forgotten?
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 20:54:57 +0100
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It is on the roadmap, with low priority in my book. The reason is, that it is possible to process the long output as needed - for example using awk (already submited to the list):

monit status 2>/dev/null| awk '/\x27/ {print; getline; print}'

(searches for single quote which preceded the service name, prints the actual and next line which contains service status)

... example output:

System 'unicorn'
  load average                      [0.05] [0.05] [0.01]
Process 'slapd'
  status                            Execution failed
Process 'mysql'
  status                            running
File 'slapd_rc'
  status                            initializing
File 'slapd_bin'
  status                            initializing
Device 'rootfs'
  status                            accessible
Device 'vfatfs'
  status                            Data access error
File 'testfile'
  status                            accessible
Directory 'bin'
  status                            accessible
Remote Host 'iol'
  status                            online with all services

This is just simple example - you can abbreviate the info using your favorite way (perl, awk, etc.) and obtain the info you need.


Chris Lopeman wrote:
I second this. Actually I already did. A while ago I suggested a command line option added to get the short version. But either way.



John Barton wrote:

Some time ago, when "monit status" was changed to show all available information for each process, I suggested that "monit summary" be added so that admins can still get a quick overview of what is and isnt running. This hasnt been included in any recent changes, and I dont see it on the roadmap on the website. Is this still something that is in the works?

(See for the complete discussion on this)


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