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Re: [PATCH] Running an external script with EXEC on a timeout

From: Patrick Burns
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Running an external script with EXEC on a timeout
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 15:43:21 +1100

On Wed, 9 Mar 2005 23:42:24 +0100, "Jan-Henrik Haukeland"
<address@hidden> said:
> Patrick, if you care to build on your own patch and go one extra mile 
> and implement this feature described here: 
> I'm sure we will 
> happily accept this patch. What do you think, will you give it a stab?

Yes, I had thought about implementing that one. If no-one else is
writing it, I'm sure I could give it a try.

So the syntax is:
    if X EVENT within Y cycles then ACTION

What will "event" mean? Does it make sense to have something like:
    check file su with path /bin/su
        if changed size then exec "/usr/sbin/"
        if 3 changes within 5 cycles then exec "/sbin/ifconfig eth0

E.g. something at the resource level. If the file changes then do some
action, if the file changes too often then do another action.

There is already something similar for resource testing:
    if cpu is greater than 50% for 5 cycles then restart

Am I on the right track?

  Patrick Burns

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