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[Announce] monit 4.5

From: Martin Pala
Subject: [Announce] monit 4.5
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 00:39:20 +0200
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The monit 4.5 is available:

Download from:
MD5 checksum:  be87ebcde46fae2d0d8cc9628c4e201b  monit-4.5.tar.gz
Change log:

This is a feature and bugfix release which has been tested on the following platforms:

  Linux Debian 3.1 [x86]
  Solaris 9        [sparc]
  FreeBSD 4.10     [x86]
  FreeBSD 5.2.1    [x86]
  OpenBSD 3.5      [x86]
  Darwin 7.8.0     [ppc]
  NetBSD 2.0       [x86]

This release introduce the following new features:

 - HTTP(S) connection tests can now be specified using the familiar URL
   notation. The http test has also been updated to follow redirect
   responses from a HTTP server and authenticate using Basic
   Authentication if so specified.

 - The new URL test can also be used to test the content returned by a
   web server. POSIX regular expressions are supported in this test.

 - The Allow statement is extended to include a IP/MASK format notation
   when specifying network addresses allowed to connect to the monit
   http server.

 - Monit now watches process PID and PPID changes and notifies you about
   any inconsistencies.

 - New NTP and apache-status (mod_status) protocol tests where added.

 - Support for NetBSD

In addition, this release include a number of bug fixes. Please visit our webpages for more information, and to view the complete change log.


Finally, a big thanks to ALL who have contributed work and time to
create this release :)

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