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Re: MySQL monitoring: too many bad connections from host

From: Darren Casey
Subject: Re: MySQL monitoring: too many bad connections from host
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 11:34:24 +0100

> > I've setup monit 4.4 on a host to monitor a local MySQL database and a
> > remote MySQL database by simply attempting to connect on port 3306 on
> > each
> > server. I left it running over night and when I came back in this
> > morning
> > I find that the MySQL database has blocked client accesses from the
> > host
> > due to "too many bad connections". I suspect this is because the test
> > that
> > monit is doing is simply opening the MySQL port and then closing it
> > again
> > - not actually executing any SQL statements and thus MySQL is seeing
> > this
> > as a bad connection attempt.
> > Is anyone aware of this and have a workaround / resolution?

How about calling monit to monitor a perl script, the perl script could
connect do a simple command and then disconnect as it should

You could configure it so that monit checked for the results etc.. and
worked on that basis?


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