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Re: monit unresponsive to status requests?

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: Re: monit unresponsive to status requests?
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 01:03:57 +0200

When monit is asked to stop a process it will wait for the process to stop before it continues. If the process takes a long time to stop, monit will hang for up to 1 poll cycle before it timeout waiting for the process. The only reason this is sequential is for the case that monit is asked to restart a process. Monit restart a process by first calling the program's stop-command before calling the start-command - so to make sure that the process is stopped before the start-command is called, monit waits. Starting a new process is for instance non- sequential and is conducted in a new thread since this is considered "safe".

Unfortunately, when monit wait on a process to stop, the HTTP thread also stops, since all this stuff is run from the http thread. You may call this a minor design problem and you would be right. There are ways to work around this in the code, e.g. using a new thread, non- blocking techniques, a queue or flags and stuff like that, but we haven't really considered this to be a major problem before, because monit does work and will behave functional correct, i.e. with regards to monitoring.

Can I ask you, what kind of program you are stopping that take so long to stop?


On 14. jul. 2005, at 22.44, Randy Bias wrote:


I'm new to monit, but have a hopefully quick and easy question. I've noticed that sometimes monit occasionally becomes unresponsive to status requests, giving an error as follows:

    monit: cannot read status from the monit daemon

The monit process is running and has not died, but is unresponsive to the status request. Making a local connection attempt to the webserver socket seems to work, although monit takes forever to respond after the socket is open.

As far as I can tell this happens after monit is given any kind of directive. For example, if I tell monit to stop a service it becomes unresponsive for up to 10 or 15 seconds.

    Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

    Environment is Fedora Core 3, 2.6.9 kernel.



Randy Bias        randy-at-netenrich-dot-com
Director of Application Engineering & Support

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