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Re: Custom protocol testing with UDP

From: Einar S. Idsø
Subject: Re: Custom protocol testing with UDP
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 17:14:20 +0200
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Christian Hopp wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Jul 2005, "Einar S. Idsø" wrote:
> Hi!
>> I recently tried to make a custom protocol testing of a UDP port using
>> the send/receive construct, but it kept failing with the following
>> logged error:
>> GENERIC: receiving unexpected data [\]
> This error message means that the received string "\" and your pattern
> do not match.   That also mean that you have received some thing.  What
> kind of protocol are you trying to match?  Is there really a "\" in it?

I am trying to match the Gamespy protocol used by Battlefield 2. The
output goes like this:

$ echo "\xfe" | nc -w 1 -u 29900
\hostname\ #1 All maps\gamename\[ANDSOFORTH]

>> Even with receive set to ".*" it failed, and that's when I went to the
>> manual for help...
> Well this should always match. (:
> Are you sure that your monit is compiled with regex support?  What OS
> are you using with it?  Maybe a problem of the regex-lib?

Ah, maybe that's where the problem lies? I use Gentoo, and the USE-flags
are set like this:
$ nice emerge -pv monit

These are the packages that I would merge, in order:

Calculating dependencies ...done!
[ebuild   R   ] app-admin/monit-4.5.1  +ssl 0 kB
Perhaps it by default doesn't compile with regex-support? Looking at the
ebuild, there is no mention of regexp whatsoever. On the other hand:
Looking at the README, there is no mention of regex-support either. What
must I do to enable regex?

Also, are you sure that send/receive does work with the UDP protocol, as
opposed to what the manual states? If so, then you have most likely
pointed me towards the solution. :)


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