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RE: Any Ping Sensitivity Adjust

From: Ugo Bellavance
Subject: RE: Any Ping Sensitivity Adjust
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 13:44:19 -0400

address@hidden <> wrote:
>> From my understanding, the ICMP or port tests only perform ONE probe
>> before
> announcing failure --> alert.
> I am getting a lot of transient messages that fail one cycle,
> only to be ok on the next cycle resulting in a lot of
> messages at times.  Is there currently a way of configuring
> the host check so that if n-consecutive failures you get an alert
> notification? 
> What I am using now:
> check host myhost
>       address
>       if failed icmp type echo with timeout 5 seconds then alert
> Thanks for your help

I already asked for that a while ago.  It is on the whishlist.  To have
it done now we'd need about 500EUR.



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