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Any changes to the "restarts within" syntax

From: Andrew Cant
Subject: Any changes to the "restarts within" syntax
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 16:36:54 -0400


I have just been looking over monit, too see if I can use it in adding a
fail-over capability to a firewall/authentication device.

The combination of heartbeat+monit described in the documentation does
exactly what I am looking for with one exception. I want to be able to
fail-over to an alternate server if a crashing service cannot be recovered.
The "restarts within" syntax could express this perfectly if it was able to
take an action other than just TIMEOUT.

Looking through the mailing list I have seen several others who needed this
exact functionality. The response to test posts suggested that it might get
implemented in the future.

Can any one tell me if any work has been done in this area? Is it still
considered something useful to have?

Andrew Cant
LogiSense Corporation
"IP Billing and Traffic Management"
e: address@hidden
p: 1-519-249-0508 x4108

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