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new service mode 'stopped'

From: martin rueegg [metaworx rueegg]
Subject: new service mode 'stopped'
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 10:42:17 +0200


we are running monit version 4.5.1 in an ha cluster using it 
to control and monitor our vserver's.

I was thinking about a service mode 'stopped'.

a service in mode stopped would be monitored and controled as in 'active'
mode but with the intention to keep it down.

this would first give the possibility to check if the service is running by
the ''monit summary'' command (because it is not unmonitored) and second
could ensure that a certain service is *not* running. in case monit detects
it's existens, it would call the stop action and alert appropriate.

what do other people think about that?



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