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no webserver restart on reload

From: martin rueegg [metaworx rueegg]
Subject: no webserver restart on reload
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 12:10:18 +0200


we are running monit version 4.5.1 (... well, you know. I 
hope, I'm not too noisy for a newbee but I wantet to keep 
different things in different threads.).

when reloading monit, the webserver is restarted. during this 
time, no other client can connect to the daemon, that's 
obvious. the problem is, that the client will not be able to 
connect and therefore fail entirely with it's command.

could it be done the way that httpd is only restared if it's 
configuration is affected by the reload. otherwise it will 
only temporaryly disable the handling of requests by 
returning a http status code of 503 with a retry-after 
<configurable value>.

the monit client on the other hand should retry to send his 
request upon reception of a 503 status code for n-times where 
n is again a <config value> (or in monitrc or as a command 
line option).



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