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Monit Checksum - False Alarms

From: Alexander Stolle
Subject: Monit Checksum - False Alarms
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 20:00:17 +0100


We are using monit to check our raid devices on dell pe1850.
The idea was to copy via cron the output of the raid status command every 5
minutes into a file which looks like this:

"/opt/dell/srvadmin/oma/bin/omreport storage vdisk > /var/log/omsa/vdisk"

In monit, we defined the following check:

set daemon     180

check file omsa-vdisk  with path /var/log/omsa/vdisk
   if changed checksum then alert
   if timestamp > 10 minutes then alert

This config works great. The thing is, that we occasionally get false
alarms. Monit complains about a wrong checksum. But with the next cycle
anything is fine again.

At first we thought, that the file really changed. So we added an exec
statement to the check, which would execute a Skript. The Skript simply
creates a backup of the file, so we were able to check if the file is really
different. But this wasn't the case. Both files are the same.

Do you have an idea, why monit bahaves like this? Can it be, that monit
wants to read the file while the file is beeing written by cron script? What
can we do against the false alarms?

Thanks in advance!

Best, Alex

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