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Re: Unmonitoring device when unmounted

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: Unmonitoring device when unmounted
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 14:58:28 +0100
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You can either perform the mount/unmount via monit, provided you have start and stop method defined, or unmonitor the service manualy after the manual unmount.

The recommended method is to mount/unmount via monit. For example in the case that the filesystem is defined in monit this way:

check device datafs with path /dev/sda5
  start program "/usr/sbin/mount /data"
  stop program "/usr/sbin/unmount /data"

you can use following command to unmount the filesystem and stop the monitoring:

  monit stop datafs

to mount the filesystem and start the monitoring use:

  monit start datafs


Rishikesh Dongre wrote:
When i unmounted my file system which was monitoring by monit, it sent email alert. Besides that it started logging messages in /var/adm/messages dir. Is it possible to unmonitor a device if not mounted and starts monitoring once it mounted again? Many thanks. Regards,

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