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Check PPPoE / DNS

From: Stefan Pfetzing
Subject: Check PPPoE / DNS
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 15:05:16 +0200

Hi list,

on a small router I run, on a regularly basis the PPPoE "modem" seems to fail. I already am using a relay card connected to the parallel port to restart the modem when neccessary. The problem is now, how do I monitor the "pppoe" command, to find out when the PPPoE access concentrator is no longer availible? (currently I'm using a tcp check and the script via inetd, but thats not nice I think)

Also I would like to know if / how its possible to check if a dns server can resolve a specific domain and restart it, if it couldn't resolve the domain.




Oroborus and Debian GNU/Linux Developer.

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