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Re: multiple pids

From: Marc Petitmermet
Subject: Re: multiple pids
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 22:23:50 +0200

On 19. Apr 2006, at 21:53 Uhr, Jan-Henrik Haukeland wrote:

On 19. apr. 2006, at 20.26, Marc Petitmermet wrote:

Usually one of those processes are the control-process and you only need to monitor, start and stop that one. It's probably the one with the lowest pid of the eights. Test by sending this process the SIGTERM signal to check if it takes down the rest.

Not for nfsd. As I mentioned before these are 8 independent daemons; there is no parent or control process.

Well, monit cannot handle a multiple pids file as you found out. You need to either write 8 'check process' tests or much easier, monitor the port number used by nfs. For instance using something like this:

check host with address localhost
        start = ".."
        stop = ".."
        if failed port 2049 then ...

Ok. Damn, I was too much hooked to the pid files because of the examples. So I do the check above. But I need an additional check which counts the number of nfsd daemons and does some action when the number changes. Is this possible? I look through the documentation...


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