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Re: custom mysql monitoring

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: custom mysql monitoring
Date: Sat, 06 May 2006 18:29:54 +0200
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Monit currently has no support for custom sql statements for mysql test. It is possible to use for example one of following workarounds to integrate external cron script with monit:

1.) monit can watch the content of files using custom patterns. This way it is possible to watch log files (let the script log an error)

2.) monit can check file timestamp - this can be used for flag-like interface ... the script can touch some flag in the case that everything is OK. In the case that the test failed, the script will not touch the file so its timestamp will not be updated until the problem is fixed. Monit can apply this rule to bind some action to the error state:

  if timestamp > 15 minutes the alert


Vincent Rivellino wrote:

I'm sorry if this has been covered before, but I haven't found anything
regarding it in the monit docs or in the list archives.

I'd like to setup a few monit checks to verify the function of our mysql
database.  These checks will require connecting to the database and
performing a few queries.

Does monit support directing connecting to mysql and performing queries?
If not, does it support executing an external application to perform
actions and have the check fail based on the return code?


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