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Check file if match

From: Andre Creutz
Subject: Check file if match
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 17:16:15 +0200



I try to monit (with monit 4.8.1) ntp.

Function, pid, Port and Connection runs without a problem. But now i try to
check the file /var/log/messages for some ntp-entries, like an offset-alert
Jun  2 12:37:20 creutz ntpdate[12230]: step time server offset
0.051347 sec

An i try it with:

 check file messages with path /var/log/messages
   if match "offset" then alert

Ok,ok it works. But....
It works for ever. I want to say if monit finds one "offset" it alerts

Here my Question:
Is there any thing like
If match "offset" is older than X Minutes or X Seconds then ignore the older

Sorry about my english (beleve my my german is bettter - grin)

Thannks an

Best Regards


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