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HELP help about monitoring a log file

From: rushi
Subject: HELP help about monitoring a log file
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 12:48:04 +0530

i m monitoring a customized log file which is dynamically created for a perticular message ...
it gives me alert every time after it has found the matter once in the log file becuase agian it starts scanning a file every time from starting offset
is there anything that i can save the offset and i can start only searching after the offset... if it is there what is the changes that i need to make let me know
please its urgent
if i need to change the code of the file which code is to be changed please let me know i will do that...
my monitrc is like below
check file heartbeat with path /var/log/ha-log
       if match 'IPaddr' then alert
so what are the changes i need to do please let me know

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