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Re: HELP want help to monitor context switches and no of intrrupts

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: HELP want help to monitor context switches and no of intrrupts
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 14:45:26 +0200
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monit currently doesn't support the monitoring of mentioned parameters. Some of them are on the roadmap, and the others could be nice to have, but we cannot promise when it will be implemented.

If it is urgent:

- you can implement it ... code contributions are welcomed :)

- or we can provide professional services / contract development - see


P.S. what platforms did you mean primarily?

rushi wrote:
i want to monitor context swithces and intrrupts along with the cpu utilization and mem utilization if it grows beyoond some thing i want to take an action i want to monitor some other thing as well
1) intrrupts
2) context switches
3) through put of any interface
4) no of connections at any interface
i can take it from /proc/slabinfo can anybody tell me whether there is any provision of doing that .. i ts urgent.... regards,
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