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Monit will not mail: Sendmail error: 550 must be authenticated

From: Andre Creutz
Subject: Monit will not mail: Sendmail error: 550 must be authenticated
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 10:39:08 +0200

Hi all,

A few days ago i updatet from Version 4.6 to the newest 4.8.1 and i changed
the settings in monitrc to:
set daemon      90
set logfile     /var/log/monit.log
set mailserver, localhost with timeout 30
set alert       address@hidden
set mail-format {    from: address@hidden
                  subject: $SERVICE $EVENT at $DATE
                  message: Monit $ACTION $SERVICE at $DATE on $HOST.
                  Ihr freundlicher Kollege,

# Monit http server settings:
# ---------------------------

set httpd port 2812
        ssl     enable
        pemfile "/var/certs/monit.pem"
#       allow   localhost
        allow   creutz:*******

# Event Queue
set eventqueue
        basedir /etc/monit/
        slots 5000

I changed the settings "set logfile" from syslog to /var/log/monit.log
And i addet # Event Queue

Since this time monit will not send any mails to the address. It produces
this Errormessage in /var/log/monit.log:

[CEST Jun 22 10:08:33] error    : Sendmail error: 550 must be authenticated
[CEST Jun 22 10:08:33] error    : Alert handler failed, retry scheduled for
next cycle

If i try to send a mail with
mail -s testmail address@hidden
It workt perfectly and before the changes monit was sending mails without a
problem. At this reason i guess (i hope)my postfix is working fine. 

Is there any help out there?? (grin) Please

Next i try the old monitrc, but the problem is still there.

Thanks a lot and
Best regards


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