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Re: Monit will not mail: Sendmail error: 550 must be authenticated

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: Monit will not mail: Sendmail error: 550 must be authenticated
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 12:40:57 +0200
User-agent: Thunderbird (Windows/20060516)


the error is returned by the MTA, which is first in the server list and requires the authentication:

-bash-2.05b$ telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
220 (mrelayeu4) Welcome to Nemesis ESMTP server
250 pleased to meet you
mail from:<address@hidden>
250 mail from: <address@hidden> ok
rcpt to:<address@hidden>
550 must be authenticated

Your local mail utility posts the message via local MTA (you mentioned postfix), which probably doesn't require authentication and allows to send the mail.

To fix the problem, just use some MTA in the 'set mailserver ...' statement which will allow you to send the mail without authentication (e.g. localhost).


Andre Creutz wrote:
Hi all,

A few days ago i updatet from Version 4.6 to the newest 4.8.1 and i changed
the settings in monitrc to:
set daemon      90
set logfile     /var/log/monit.log
set mailserver, localhost with timeout 30
set alert       address@hidden
set mail-format {    from: address@hidden
                  subject: $SERVICE $EVENT at $DATE
                  message: Monit $ACTION $SERVICE at $DATE on $HOST.
                  Ihr freundlicher Kollege,

# Monit http server settings:
# ---------------------------

set httpd port 2812
        ssl     enable
        pemfile "/var/certs/monit.pem"
#       allow   localhost
        allow   creutz:*******

# Event Queue
set eventqueue
        basedir /etc/monit/
        slots 5000

I changed the settings "set logfile" from syslog to /var/log/monit.log
And i addet # Event Queue

Since this time monit will not send any mails to the address. It produces
this Errormessage in /var/log/monit.log:

[CEST Jun 22 10:08:33] error    : Sendmail error: 550 must be authenticated
[CEST Jun 22 10:08:33] error    : Alert handler failed, retry scheduled for
next cycle

If i try to send a mail with
mail -s testmail address@hidden
It workt perfectly and before the changes monit was sending mails without a
problem. At this reason i guess (i hope)my postfix is working fine.
Is there any help out there?? (grin) Please

Next i try the old monitrc, but the problem is still there.

Thanks a lot and
Best regards

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