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Re: RRDtool & monit

From: Mike Jackson
Subject: Re: RRDtool & monit
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 11:39:51 -0700

I'm using monit for all system processes on all the servers I run, it works wonderfully, dutifully notifying me that it has prevented the sky from falling.

It has occured to me that it would be VERY VERY nice to have monit also collect performance data and write RRD databases, since it is constantly running and checking processes. The most interesting performance data for me is system load an HTTP response times on localhost (I want to know if it is taking 10 seconds for apache to respond), however I'm sure it would be trivial to collect other data as well. Even better if that information was exposed in the monit HTTP interface. I would be happy to donate an interface design for that, btw.

Self monitoring and self healing machines = sexy ;)

ooh, RRD data from monit? That's a swell idea. I haven't used any RRD-graphing tools yet, but I've been looking at a few and this would be the thing that would make me switch away from plain ol' MRTG forever!

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