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RE: Compiling Monit 4.0 on Tru64 5.1A

From: Arneaud, Nick
Subject: RE: Compiling Monit 4.0 on Tru64 5.1A
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 11:10:28 -0400

Thanks for your reply Jan-Henrik.

I found,, and under
/usr/shlib. Is that what you are looking for?


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Subject: Re: Compiling Monit 4.0 on Tru64 5.1A

On 10. aug. 2006, at 22.33, Arneaud, Nick wrote:

> Hi, I am having a problem compiling Monit on Tru64 5.1A. I have tried 
> compiling other versions of Monit and had the most luck so far with 
> version 4.0. While I understand that it is not a supported OS, this is

> unfortunately what I have to work with. I have edited the Makefile 
> after it is generated and added the -pthread option which has helped a

> lot, but it is still having a problem compiling.
> Any help would be appreciated.

Maybe others can help, but since we do not have access in the project to
such as system AFAIK it is hard to help. The first thing to figure out
is where the pthread library is on the system. Monit need Posix threads
(libpthread). David R. Butenhof, one of the guys specifying pthreads
works or used to work for HP so I would be suprised if it was not part
of the system :)

The other compile errors looks like they should be easy to work around.

Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Mobil +47 97141255

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