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Re: monit and sendmail

From: hans
Subject: Re: monit and sendmail
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 18:40:06 -0300

On 8/23/06, Jim Popovitch <address@hidden> wrote:
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Jan-Henrik Haukeland wrote:
> Oh man, not much we can do in monit then, short of actually sending a
> mail? Please let us know if you find a solution we can implement.
> Or take a look here, :-)

Same issue exists with postfix as w/ sendmail.  ;-)  The bigger issue is
that just reaching the SMTP server isn't really a good indication of a
running email system. Sending an email that is received, distributed,
collected and verified is a much better solution.  As an example, if DNS
is down (or slow, or working but not forwarding, etc.) an initial SMTP
connect from monit might succeed, but sender verification would fail.
So you should check dns conection y mail queue length to prevent that.
In that case monit would show SMTP as available, however email could be
blocked.  A complete full-circle check would be a very powerful feature,
however it should probably only require monit to have the capability to
check an mbox file that is populated via some external process
(fetchmail, sendmail aliases, etc.)
if you send a email to address@hidden, then monit send and recive
the email, so service will be fast and almost allways will never fail.
All return codes OK.
if you send a email from address@hidden to address@hidden and it
should return to address@hidden, cuz this mail have to pass some
antispam-antivirus servers , It will depend on the mail-s arquitecture
that you have, you could recieve an false-negatives cuz the mail
server 3 its slow. And monit from localhost will never know that its
the mail server 3 slow and will think that its a localhost problem.
So. When i start to use monit to check mails servers (that use
sendmail or postfix )i realize that something like you propose its not
a good check option. So i check procces, tcp port y mailqueue.
Its just a point of view.
Bis Bald hans.

- -Jim P.
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