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Re: monit display/servlet question

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: Re: monit display/servlet question
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 23:21:41 +0100

Thanks for wanting to contribute! Unfortunately as things stand now, with no separation of code from presentation you need to be able to program C to change the design[1]. What exactly do you want to change BTW? Changing unappealing HTML to appealing is not interesting in my book. As long as the browser can parse the HTML I'm fine.

However, if you have design suggestions for improvements we are all ears. One way to contribute is to create a mock-up and post it to a website we can look at. I believe we'll be happy to implement any 'objective' improvements in the monit GUI.

Best regards
Jan-Henrik Haukeland

1. I think we should add code and presentation separation to our TODO list. HTML should be split out into a template file with e.g. @tags@ which are then substituted in cervlet.c with real values. This should make it easier to change the design in the future. The way HTML is embedded in the C code now makes GUI changes very hard. Besides it makes us look like we have never heard of the MVC design pattern :-)

On 29. nov. 2006, at 13.07, Ashley Graham wrote:

Hello, just installed monit here on my local development machine to stop overloading. I couldn't be happier.

I do have one question though: does the generated HTML have to be so ... unappealing? (No hard feelings, I mean no offense)

I'm not talking about useless ajax, or even simple javascript. Perhaps some light pruning if you will: some design altering.

I, being the adventurous young man that I am, downloaded the source code, thinking I might play around and see what could be done, any upgrades sent upstream so I could hopefully simplify the whole process.

The trouble is I don't know a speck of C.

I still want to help, but don't know how I could. If anyone can think of a possible situation, I'd be more than willing to help.

I truly hope this goes somewhere, seriously. Even though I'm asking you to help me help you (and you guys didn't even ask for my design advice).

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