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Re: monit display/servlet question

From: Ashley Graham
Subject: Re: monit display/servlet question
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 16:23:11 -0500

I updated status codes, green, red, and yellow. I made up most of the new apache section, not sure if what's there actually makes sense, but it's just an example for use of color. The links at the top (under monitor) could be given a color as well, resembling the overall status of the process (file, service, what-have-you).

I assume what I added to the tables is what was meant as pajama strips.

Does anyone wanna see some re-appearing/disappearing divs fly out at you? Literally attacked by _javascript_!? Just kidding.

Didn't mess with the colors  too much, but changed the grey background to the blue from my installed version.

On 11/30/06, Ashley Graham <address@hidden> wrote:

Interesting. What do others think?

My thoughts

a) Yes I'm not a designer, but isn't this a rather bleak design? I
miss colors and eye candy :) I also miss visual cues such as pajamas
strips to make it easier to read e.g. lists.

Do you want the old colors? From my local instal; 4.8.1? I like bleek (through I call it "simple"), but bleek will do, I'll call my other designs bleek.

b) I also miss status color codes in the overview list so users with
glance can see services that have problems such as in http://

I forgot to put them in there last night, my fault, they'll be there soon.

c) What is the rationale for putting everything on one page? It is an
interesting idea and I like it, not only because we can compete with
the but because it is simpler to
implement and may be faster to browse.

Just trying something out. Of course it can be more than a single page, then again, if you guys are feeling adventurous, I could do some Ajax scripting, and it could be a mixture of both.

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