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Re: no email on resource limit passed

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: no email on resource limit passed
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2006 01:52:21 +0100
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Andreas Meyer wrote:
Martin Pala schrieb:

inherited recipient). You can register just subset of events if you
want to as described in monit manual  thus omitting the 'resource'
type will fix the issue (it will be handled by the exec action).

But it would be nice to define a global alert for all events and disable
some checks with a "set alert to none". It this to heavy to implement or
not in the basic concept from monit?

beat regards

... implemented, will be part of next monit release.

Excerpt from CHANGES:

* The NOALERT statement added, which allows to disable the
  alerts localy for particular recipient and service. Useful
  for example when you have alert recipient set globaly
  but don't want to receive alerts for some part of services.
      noalert <mail-address>

* The ALERT statement was extended by the possibility to
  negate the optional event filter.
      [set] alert <mail-address> not '{' <event>... '}'
    set alert address@hidden but not on { restart }
    Will send all alerts to address@hidden for all services and
    events except the restart event (global usage). Note that
    noise words 'but' and 'on' are optional.


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