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syntax error - alert

From: Jose Raul Baron
Subject: syntax error - alert
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 17:18:47 +0100

Hi, list. I am newbie to monit and I'm now starting to configure it and test
I have been able to start it and send e-mail to one person in case of FTP
failure in one server. 

Now I would like to modify the mail-format layout when this happens. I have
read the documentation and the most I re-read it, the most it keeps telling

syntax error 'address@hidden'

 check host blablabla with address 999.999.999.999
     if failed port 21 protocol ftp with timeout 15 seconds then
        ALERT address@hidden MAIL-FORMAT { from: address@hidden }

I just can't see where did I do anything wrong since the syntax for alert

ALERT mail-address [{events}] [MAIL-FORMAT {mail-format}] [REMINDER number]
or so it says in the documentation, which is the syntax I have respected. 

I have tried it with {mail-format} and { mail-format }
If I omit the e-mail address, then it says: 

Error: syntax error 'MAIL-FORMAT'

and upper-lower case makes no difference. 

I'm going crazy with this. Help !

Saludos / BRGDS
José R. Barón

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