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[Announce] monit 4.9-beta1

From: Martin Pala
Subject: [Announce] monit 4.9-beta1
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2007 00:34:53 +0100
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The monit 4.9-beta1 is available:

Download from:
MD5 checksum:  83cb533f896cc6b7613da324cc54abe5
SHA256 checksum: c711ac7d18c2b212a7430a172e72d62b7a1b25ab50c3a7647efcae6a4be54fc0

Change log:

This is a new features and bugfix release which has been tested on the
following platforms:

  Darwin 8.8.0           [ppc]
  FreeBSD 5.4            [x86]
  FreeBSD 6.0            [x86]
  Linux CentOS 4.4       [amd64]
  Linux Debian 4.0       [x86]
  Linux Redhat EL 4.0 U4 [x86]
  NetBSD 2.0             [x86]
  NetBSD 3.0.1           [x86]
  OpenBSD 3.5            [x86]
  Solaris 9              [sparc]
  Solaris 10             [amd64]

* The NOALERT statement added, which allows to disable the
  alerts localy for particular recipient and service. Useful
  for example when you have alert recipient set globaly
  but don't want to receive alerts for some part of services.
      noalert <mail-address>

* The ALERT statement was extended by the possibility to
  negate the optional event filter.
      [set] alert <mail-address> not '{' <event>... '}'
    set alert address@hidden but not on { restart }
    Will send all alerts to address@hidden for all services and
    events except the restart event. Note that noise words
   'but' and 'on' are optional.

* Report the optional arguments uid, gid, method timeout as
  configured in monit control file for start, stop programs
  and exec action.

* Monit will display just warning and will continue its
  startup in the case that some hostname which is configured
  in monit control file is not resolvable during control
  file parsing.

* Reverse proxy support on monit http interface added. Thanks
  to Josh Kelley for patch. Sample proxy configuration for
  ProxyPass /monit/ http://localhost:2812/
  ProxyPassReverse /monit/ http://localhost:2812/
  <Location /monit/>
    AllowOverride None
    AuthType Basic
    AuthName sysadmin
    AuthUserFile /etc/httpd/passwd
    require valid-user

* Fix the unmonitor action, which didn't work when used in
  monit control file rules. Thanks to Jeffrey Gelens for report.

* Fix the extra restart action which was called by monit
  in addition to user requested start action of stopped
  process. This didn't occured in the case that the 'every'
  statement was used on the service definition as well. Thanks
  to Aaron Scamehorn for help.

* Fix the possible crash when event queue was used and some
  non-event file appeared the event queue. Thanks to Michal
  Cihar for report.

* Fix the -l command line option which was broken. Thanks to
  Aaron Scamehorn for report.

* Fix the linux 32-bit system CPU usage statistics. When
  the server has big uptime and load, the reported cpu usage
  may be incorrect. Thanks to Ron Avriel for patch, Matt
  Corks and Aleksander for report.

* Fix the Mac OS X CPU usage statistics.

* Fix the Linux space usage statistics - the NFS volumes
  space usage statistic was wrong. Thanks to Aaron Scamehorn
  for help.

* The UDP port test for all nondefault protocols, such as NTP,
  DNS now measures the response time without extra 2 seconds
  delay, which was added by generic check for UDP socket
  readiness. When the non-default protocol is used in port test,
  (i.e. 'protocol' option is used) this ckeck is not needed.
  When you will use the UDP port test without specifying the
  protocol, the 2 seconds delay is still present, since when
  monit don't know how to speak to the server, it's hard to
  test the UDP other way.

* Fix the possible crash for Mac OS X monit CLI commands such
  as 'monit start service'.

* Fix possible crash on monit quit when monit http thread was
  configured in control file without the ACL. Thanks to Adam
  Greene for report.

* Fix the monit crash when byacc was used for compiling 32-bit
  monit with large files support on linux. This issue didn't
  happened when monit was compiled with 64-bit support, or
  recommended bison was used as parser generator during
  compilation, or largefiles suport was disabled.

* Don't ask clients for certificate when certificate based
  authentication was not enabled in monit http interface.
  Thanks to Guillaume Chaussy for report.

* Fix minor memory leaks.

* Don't print the 'via (UDP|TCP|TCPSSL)' for unix socket test

Finally, a big thanks to ALL who have contributed work and time to
create this release :)

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