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From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: Why no $MONIT_DESCRIPTION?
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 22:32:33 +0100
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it shouldn't be problem to add the long description. I think we can add it in next release.


Patrik Israelsson wrote:

I stumbled upon monit a while ago and was immediately impressed by its functionality and flexibility. I've been meaning to use it in an environment where SNMP traps to a central server are used for registering incidents, so I'm playing around with the exec functionality to have an external script send a trap with the relevant info.

I find it odd that all relevant information is available in the environment variables set by monit, EXCEPT the actual description of the event. Why is that? There is indeed a short description available, but for instance "Resource limit matched" is a bit too brief compared to "'rootfs' space usage 12.9% matches resource limit [space usage>8.0%]".

I modified the code to include this and it seems to work fine, but I'm wondering if there's a known problem with putting the longer event description in an environment variable since it's not included by default in monit?



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