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timestamp test not work

From: Tatsuya Nonogaki
Subject: timestamp test not work
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 17:23:28 +0900

Show me the way, please.

It seems that Monit(4.9) ignores `timestamp <operator> SECOND'
test if 'changed timestamp' test is used in the same check block.
With the definition below, log shows only 'apache_stat timestamp
was changed' and timestamp <op> rule does nothing;

check file apache_stat path /var/monit/apache.stat
    group www
    if timestamp < 90 seconds 3 times within 3 cycles
      then exec "/sbin/ifdown eth0"
    else if passed 2 times within 2 cycles
      then exec "/sbin/ifup eth0"
    if changed timestamp 8 times within 8 cycles
      then unmonitor

When I delete 'changed timestamp' test (last two lines), 
'timestamp < 90 seconds' works as I expected. Monit logs
'apache_stat timestamp test faild'.

Monit is run in daemon mode with interval 60 sec.
apache.stat file is 'touch'ed every time apache is restarted by
the CHECK below;

check host apache address localhost
  group www
  depends on apache_stat
  if failed port 80 protocol HTTP
    request "/monitcheck/token" timeout 10 seconds
      then exec "/etc/monit.d/restart_apache"

where restart_apache is a short shell script;
/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd restart
touch /var/monit/apache.stat

Eventually what I want to do is;
*1) Restart apache if it is not functional,
*2) Three consecutive restarts make this server invisible by
  means of PING from other hosts (load balancer treatment),
*3) Make it visible again when apache came back certainly,
*4) But too many malfunctions make Monit UNMONITOR these checks.

What is a solution?

     Tatsuya Nonogaki
               E-Mail: address@hidden

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