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Stop/Start happening simultaneously

From: Cyrus Mehta
Subject: Stop/Start happening simultaneously
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 19:34:05 -0400

First off...thanks to the Developers/Engineers of Monit for a great product
from what I have successfully used so far.

My problem is when restarting a particular service using the browser
restart button (or cmd-line:  monit -c  ~/monit_master.cfg restart
schedserver), the stop function goes off, followed almost simultaneously by
the start function.  I validated this by doing a constant 'ps -ef | grep'
for both the stop and start processes before restarting, and the start
script happens almost seconds after the stop script, which ultimately
causes restarts to fail, since stop and start are happening simultaneously.

Here is my config for this service:
      check process schedserver with pidfile
                  mode passive
                  start = "/mycompany/script/ schedserver
start "
                  stop = "/mycompany/script/ schedserver stop

I even tried putting a "sleep 60" at one point, but to no effect
        stop = "/mycompany/script/ schedserver stop ; sleep

I am running on Solaris 9, my monit version (monit -V) is:
      This is monit version 4.9
Compile Options:
      ##As suggested in FAQ #8
      ./configure --without-ssl CFLAGS='-m64 -mtune=v9' LDFLAGS='-m64

This might be more relevant for another thread, but it might ring some
bells to this issue, if it matters:
In the process status screens, both my PID & Parent PID show up as "-1"

I have chosen "passive" mode for this service since I dont want automatic
restarts on failure, however I do occasionally want the ability to manually
restart using the monit control framework.

Thanks in advance!


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