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monit is unable to find the pidfile for anything it runs.

From: RDX _
Subject: monit is unable to find the pidfile for anything it runs.
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 14:55:25 -0700

I'm using absolute paths for everything.
Nothing is being started or stopped using an init script.
I'm running monit as root.
I can get processes to start, and processes to stop.

However, when I start processes, monit indicates that it could not find a pidfile several times and that the process was not started. The process does start, however, as it exists when I "ps -e" it. Also, the pidfile shows up in the correct directory, despite monit's claims to the contrary.

The process stops as well, sending the TERM signal to {insert valid and existing process ID here}, but not before spitting out "monit: pidfile '/path/to/pidfile/' does not exist" after it does so. And spitting it out twice in succession, I might add.

Initially my problem was just with memcached, but mongrel server processes won't work either.

I had wondered if it might be a problem specific to centOS, because I had a bugger of a time setting anything up on it in the first place. Other than that, i'm truly at a loss.

Any ideas? They'd be greatly appreciated!


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