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Download mmonit

From: Cryer,Phil
Subject: Download mmonit
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 09:45:32 -0500

Why can't I download mmonit anywhere?  While the upcoming version looks promising, I want to setup and demo the current mmonit to propose its use to monitor instances in our environment, but the lack of a download for the current version, or even a view of it in a cvs/svn repository, is confusing.  I found an rpm and src.rpm for a Yoper version that I've decompiled, looks like I'll need to compile zild on my own, but am still unsure of if that's going to work.

Sorry for the cross post, but there has been zero traffic on the mmonit list, and I suspect this question would interest many looking for a multiple monit instance solution.  And yes, I've tried remote monit, but get php errors right off the bat.  If anyone has any other suggestions, or download sites for mmonit, remote monit or anything that I can use, is appreciated.

Thanks again for monit, I know I'm just scratching the surface on what it can do, but I've already retired dameontools on my FreeBSD servers.

Phil Cryer
IS - Linux Administrator
Desk 5-6987

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