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Re: css support for report pages

From: alex black
Subject: Re: css support for report pages
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2007 12:04:13 -0700

I offered to provide a "primped" version of the UI a while ago but all the html is embedded in the C source - would be nice to separate it out and provide some REST methods for it as well, so status could be had in XML form remotely, and we could prettify the UI :) If the templates are split out, perhaps we could do some themes? ..


I've just discovered Monit this week end, and franckly it's a great
piece of software for system admins.

I'm wondering if you are planning to support css for the HTML status
pages (instead of hard coding colors and layout in the page). If yes,
it would be great to let the posibility to customize the css styles
(provinding a css file in /etc/monit for example).



alex black, founder
the turing studio, inc.


800 jones street
berkeley, ca 94710

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