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RE: Problem at startup (alert from a service which need a few secondsto

From: Cryer,Phil
Subject: RE: Problem at startup (alert from a service which need a few secondsto start)
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 12:50:53 -0500

>I have a little problem, i have a process who need a few time to start.
So, when i start my computer, i receive 
>from monit an alert telling me that the process is not launched, and a
few seconds later, i receive a new email 
>telling me this process is i would like to know how to
correct that ?

If you have monit set to cycle every minute:
        set daemon  60

Then a line like this would restart an app only if it were down for more
than two minutes:
        if failed host port 8080 for 2 cycles then restart

Likely good practice, since if monit restarts the process that takes a
long time to startup, you wouldn't want it telling you it's still down
when it's just restarting.

Adjust time to taste, enjoy.

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