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Re: how to configure monit for remote server ??

From: Jovan Kostovski
Subject: Re: how to configure monit for remote server ??
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 00:55:16 +0200

On 8/30/07, Ryan Dooley <address@hidden> wrote:
>  You can get monit to test remote services but it will only do a basic check
> (tcp open sort of thing) but I have one host checking mysql, apache, ldap
> and dns ports on other machines.

Nice concept, but it will work with network services only (it' works
like telnet 3306 for example).
But there are some issues:
1. you have to have access to the remote hosts from the monitoring
machine (firewall access)
2. In case you can not access the remote servers (network is down or
smth similar) from the machine you run monit you get an alert that the
services are not running even though they are but you can not access
the server

If you want only to monitor the services (not to start, stop or
restart) you can use a log parser that will parse monit.log and will
send the messages to a remote host.

Such a log parser can be found at
It's really easy to configure it. It works as a deamon checks if there
are changes to the log file and sends email alerts or executes a
script. You can also check for a certain phrase in the log line that
is added and to take some action. I'm using it to send SNMP traps
whenever monit takes an action.

I've added this lines to phplog.rules:

from /var/log/monit.log
  watchfor /error/
         exec "/usr/bin/sendtrap <%llne%>"
  watchfor /info/
         exec "/usr/bin/sendtrap <%llne%>"

Which means whenever a line is added to /var/log/monit.log and it contains words
"error" or "info" exec the script <%line%> is a keyword that
represents the line from the log file.
The sendtrap script: has one snmptrap command

HTH, Jovan

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