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Re: Monit definitely not waiting for stop scripts to complete

From: Jason L. Buberel
Subject: Re: Monit definitely not waiting for stop scripts to complete
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 10:38:50 -0700
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Martin, Stanislaw,

Thank you again for your input. With respect to Martin's example configuration snippet:

  check process tomcat with pidfile /var/run/
stop program with timeout 30 seconds = "/etc/init.d/tomcat stop" with timeout 1 cycles # this is default => the timeout option not needed start program with timeout 30 seconds = "/etc/init.d/tomcat start" with timeout 5 cycles # after service is started, provide up to 5 cycles to start

From this, I conclude that the only way for me to simulate my desired 
'synchronous' startup behavior would be to ensure that my start script does NOT 
create the PID file until the service is fully operational. If needed, I can 
use 'with timeout N cycles' in order to give the service additional time to 
completely start. That seems acceptable to me.

Is that syntax already supported in monit 4.10-beta-1?

In regards to the dependency chains and 'hard' vs. 'soft', this sounds like a 
crucial improvement. Stanislaw and I appear to agree strongly with the need for 
a 'hard' dependency link. I would actually suspect that MOST monit users are 
mistakenly assuming that dependency links are treated as 'hard' already:

  check process friend with pidfile /var/run/

  check process parent with pidfile /var/run/

  check process child with pidfile /var/run/
     depends on parent hard
     depends on friend soft             # this is default


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