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Some explanation about CPU([user|system|wait]) please

From: Maxim Veksler
Subject: Some explanation about CPU([user|system|wait]) please
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 09:48:05 +0300

Hello list,

I've installed monit on one of our production servers and it works great!

I have a job there the takes backup of the server logs at 5:34 each day, and each day I get an alert from monit telling me "Description: 'server' cpu wait usage of 42.6% matches resource limit [cpu wait usage>20.0%]".

Now, I could just go raise the bar in monit config file to be 50% but I would like to understand what these cpu measurements really mean ?

Could someone please enlighten me, refer to me to proper source of information or just give a good explanation of when the wait time of the cpu becomes high and when is it system time? I assume the user time is simple user space, for example a program is doing sorting on 1million records which takes time.

Thank you,

Maxim Veksler

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