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Re: syslog,logrotate,solaris sparc

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: syslog,logrotate,solaris sparc
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 00:02:48 +0200

The "debug" is priority in syslog's language (not facility) and you cannot set it in monit - each message has the priority assigned based on its importance (error, info, debug, etc.). The syslog facility option value in monit is choice of log_local0 - log_local7 or log_daemon, other facilities are not supported.

Regarding the time based action (e.g. once per week, etc.) monit currently doesn't provide such functionality. You can use other tools (such as logadm on Solaris, logrotate on linux or cron in general).

Regarding the Solaris installation - it sometimes needs some setting (linker paths, libraries, etc.). See dist/binary/solaris/INSTALL and try to use ldd on monit (check for missing libraries). When you compiled monit from source, please provide output of configure and make, set 'ulimit -c unlimited', run monit is verbose mode (-v switch) and provide backtrace of the coredump (for example using 'gdb monit' and run 'bt' in gdb prompt).


On Sep 10, 2007, at 4:40 PM, EHSAN HAJIAN wrote:

hi Martin .... i have used of monit ... and this is nice thanks for this software .... i want ask you some question......first my question about syslog .. how it,s works i want to certain a facility but i can,t and when i set ... { set logfile syslog facility debug } and restart monit service ...monit not restart and error of syntax { debug } please help me ... how i can set facility and severity thanks. but Q no 2 about logrotation.. i read monit manual and found file size testing for examle if size 50 mb then logrotate .. but i want additional file size monit can rotate by time like every week .. on every monday for example.... please tell me if it possible......and question no 3 ......unfortunetly i can,t to setup monit on solaris sparc 10 (64bit) ... both SPARC pkg and source package..... and every time i try to install it... occoure some error like [ Bus Error (core dumped) ] .... and i,m confused i need to install monit in solaris sparc 10 it,s very important for me ... in my project... i want you full guide me about my question i,m very thanks of you perfect man

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