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Re: check file timestamp bug?

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: Re: check file timestamp bug?
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 17:49:06 +0200

On 21. sep. 2007, at 04.23, Alex Stewart wrote:

I am having a problem with monit that occurs in both v4.8.1 and v4.9
and the changelog (
appears to specifically state that the bug was fixed in v4.8:
("Removed a feature introduced in 4.7 which tested that a check-file,
check-directory or check-fifo actually refered to an existing object
of that type.  Monit should not require these file objects to exist at

This refer to paths in a check entry, e.g. you can write

check file testMat_pidfile with path /var/run/

without monit complaining at startup if /var/run/ does not exist. With regards to the timestamp test monit expect this file to exist so it can take an initial timestamp at startup and compare the file stamp in subsequent runs. However I can see your point when monitoring in non-active mode. I have changed the monit code in CVS to allow the "if changed timestamp" test to refer to a non-existing file so we are consistent. Note that this mean the initial timestamp will be 0 and as long as the file does not exist monit will issue an alert (in active mode). As soon as the file exist, the test "if changed timestamp" will be true and execute its action. The timestamp is saved and the next time the test run it will work as expected.

Given the wording of the changelog for v4.8 - and what would seem to
be logical behaviour (why should monit check for files that are mode
manual until the group has been started?) this would appear to be a

The change will be part of the next monit release or you may check it out from CVS[1] now if you want to test.


[1] Use these instructions to check out from CVS http://

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