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Multiple regexp in file content match path

From: Nathan
Subject: Multiple regexp in file content match path
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2007 10:10:57 +0100
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..ok the next problem:

Should have said before, this is with the latest stable version of monit


"path is an absolute path to a file containing extended regular
expression on every line."

I assume that means you can have multiple regular expressions in the
file, one per line.

So I create a file, foo.regexp, containing the following:

I then have the following config:

check file server.log with path /foo/log/server.log
  if match /etc/monit/foo.regexp then
    exec "/bin/true"
    alert address@hidden

monit fails with the following output:

        AssertException: at p.y:2353

Is this a bug ?

Thanks in advance,

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