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More file content matching problems

From: Nathan
Subject: More file content matching problems
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2007 10:20:38 +0100
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Last one, I promise :)

Sooo, after not being able to do multiple regexp in a file I decided to
have multiple "if match" lines.

Again from

"All IGNORE MATCH statements are evaluated first, in the order of their
appearance. Thereafter, all the IF MATCH statements are evaluated."

So I assume that means you can have multiple if statements (and the
"real world example" appears to confirm that.

Here is my config:

check file server.log with path /foo/log/server.log
  if match ".*\sERROR\s.*"
  if match ".*\sWARN\s.*" then
    exec "/bin/true"
    alert address@hidden

Here is the output from monit:
                "Error: parse error 'if'"

Have I found yet another bug, or am I just interpreting the manual wrongly ?

Thanks again,

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